E-commerce readiness

Does your business have the capabilities to deliver your products and services to an expanded customer base delivering on-time and with the same quality, cost structure, and lead-time? is your supply chain aligned? and are you aware of the implications and risks of conducting international business?
Our team is ready to help you walk through all the steps needed to successfully launch your e-commerce channel, including online presence and application development.


Online presence

Does your organization have full-time employees just to cover social media? online presence does not require active participation on every channel.  Same as not all medicines treat all conditions, not all social media networks help all business requirements, and the best strategy focuses on quality and not quantity.  Contact us for details on how we can help you increase traffic to your website and conversion.  Don’t have a website or online strategy? no problem, we can help you there too.


Online opportunity assessment

Is your business ready to harness the power of a multimillion customer market? or is the real question: is online commerce the right channel for your business? In either case our team can help you find the answers.  By leveraging mufti-dimensional data, including geo location, demographics, income profile and others along with your business model and product/service offering we can create a business opportunity assessment and sensitivity analysis.  This information will be the cornerstone of your online opportunity decision-making process.


Bringing everything together – Application development

Our application development team is experienced with a wide range of e-commerce applications, including customized solutions to deliver to your business-specific requirements.  Our standard deliveries are commonly part of a turn-key solution; however, we are open to discuss development of stand-alone applications covering a particular business model.