Feasibility Analysis and Business Opportunity Assessment

Do you have a great idea but are unsure if it can become a business? what steps to follow? or how to go from an idea to a product? we are here to help.  Our team can help you walk through the many steps needed to make your dream come true, including:

Business opportunity assessment, business case, feasibility analysis

Financial modelling, 3-5 year plan; break-even and sensitivity analyses

Pre-production investigation, supplier research, requirements on capital expenditures

Manufacturing requirements, make-buy analysis

Logistics and distribution strategy

Introductory legal requirements and considerations, intellectual property protection

Trademark, copyright, and patent application

Whether you decide to request or assistance, or you decide to walk these and other steps by yourself always plan first, anticipate scenarios in paper and before you make any financial or time commitment.


Business Plan

We can help you build your business plan and answer the most important question for you: should you move forward?.  Specific fields include:

Definition of business model, company profile, team, location, value proposition.

Market definition, industry analysis, company positioning.  We will facilitate engagements with market research enterprises as needed.

Competitor analysis and key differentiation attributes.  Strategic and competitive advantages.

Sales and Marketing strategy.

Financial models and projections.  Sensitivity and break-even analyses.

Operations plan.  Production, supply chain analysis, distribution, quality control.


Financial Analysis

As your company grows its fundamental to keep close attention to your financial trends.  To start, your company should have adequate performance metrics and review cadence.  It is not uncommon for growing and established businesses to see price and cost escalation in different segments, ranging from direct labor force and cost of goods sold to sales, general, and administrative expenses.  Our team can help you not only identify negative trends, but implement selected actions that will deliver the biggest result in the shortest time-frame.  In addition to traditional financial analyses our methodology includes continuous improvement tools from the Six Sigma toolbox.


Marketing Analysis

Our marketing services focus on company and product positioning.  So many times we see many products offering the same solution with minor to no differentiation. Kellerworx focuses on finding the right point of differentiation so your product stands out from the crowd. With some insights and advantages, we provide a clear focused position that will translate into attracting new users and driving trial.


E-commerce & Online Presence

Recent estimates indicate that approximately 42% of the world’s population periodically accesses the internet, that is approximately three billion people, almost ten times the population of the United States.  More than ever it is imperative that your business has a robust portal to the world with adequate e-commerce capabilities.  Our team can evaluate your current online presence, e-commerce capabilities, assess priority channels to your target customers, and optimize your marketing efforts based on your product/services offering.

Do you have full-time employees just to cover social media? online presence does not require active participation on every channel.  Same as not all medicines treat all conditions, not all social media networks help all business requirements, and the best strategy focuses on quality and not quantity.  Contact us for details on how we can help you increase traffic to your website and conversion.  Don’t have a website or online strategy? no problem, we can help you there too.