“You’re going to need a bigger boat…”

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Many of us remember those famous words from the movie “Jaws”, but, what does it have to do with business?


Recently we were in conversations with a potential client.  The discussion was centered in a marketing promotion effort to increase customer awareness and exposure.

After the meeting was over we made a rapid assessment of their […]

Kellerworx present at 1Million Cups and Dallas New Tech

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Beecose.com, a peer-to-peer skill-based marketplace recently launched by Kellerworx was present at 1 Million Cups Fort Worth and LaunchDFW Dallas New Tech.

On November 18, 2015 Edmundo Torquemada, General Manager at Kellerworx introduced Beecose.com to a tight community of entrepreneurs and start-up business owners at Idea Works FW.  Following the presentation Edmundo addressed questions and […]

Back to basics – Ten sales strategies

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As you start the new year its a fantastic time to review 10 sales strategies that can help you hit the ground running, land your first sales, and build a robust pipeline of orders.

#1 Understand your value proposition
Before you talk to your first customer you must know your product to the highest extent possible, […]

The power of TOM

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For some time we had been struggling with one of our business partners.  In general the relationship had been healthy; however, there had been some performance gaps… nothing urgent or a high priority… until one of their competitors called….
TOM, or Top of Mind, is one of the priorities and goals of marketing professionals.

But what […]

Five actions that can help you meet your Plan

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It has been just a few days past Q3 closing and you are ready to close the year.  Meeting your Operating Plan is number one priority; however, business is still volatile and in some areas softening.  What to do?  Below we present five actions that can help you meet your Plan goals:

1. Check work […]

Global economic slowdown? what to do?

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After several years of economic growth several indicators point at slower growth in several markets.  In the United States recent earnings reports have been less optimistic for 2015,  several corporations have started to adjust their full-year estimates.  China’s economy, an important barometer, even with economic stimulus has not yet shown a definitive positive trend, […]

Can Greece impact small businesses?

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For months, and actually years we have heard about the tough economic environment at Greece and its impact to the world’s economy.  It sounds like a distant country, and not very large in proportion to the world’s economy, even to the European economy so its natural to wonder, why so much attention, and why […]

New SBA program: Startup in a Day

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It seems like there are great news coming in the near future for US entrepreneurs.  The Small Business Administration just launched a new program: Startup in a Day.  The objective is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to register a business, meet local regulations, and obtain applicable licenses; all in one day, all in […]

The importance of the business plan

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Often times future entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing businesses find themselves in the need to create a business plan. Commonly when the term comes up people ask, and why do we need one? And inevitably most will answer: “because investors will ask you for one…”

While this is in part true, investors will most of the […]

From brick and mortar to online commerce

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We live in exciting times, and as Thomas Friedman mentioned years ago in his book “The World Is Flat” we are now super-empowered individuals.
Naturally, not anymore with Netscape, but with an estimated three billion people accessing the internet on a periodic basis1 anyone with basic internet connection has the opportunity to reach a never […]