We deliver services in two verticals: business services, and technology.

Our business services target start-ups and small businesses, and typically consist of business plan evaluation, opportunity assessment, financial analysis and modelling, marketing analysis, and risk assessments.  Our services for medium and large businesses typically consist of cost reduction, supply chain, and profitability analyses.

Our technology vertical supports our business services above, and includes custom application development and e-commerce playbook.  For all customers we offer technology evaluations as part of business opportunity and capability assessments.

We are located in Keller, Texas and cover the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.  We are a local business but can offer remote services, particularly development of online applications, and upon request we can travel to any customer’s location.

We create and deliver applications and web portals as part of a comprehensive business engagement; however, we do not offer web-development services as stand-alone service.  As an example an evaluation to expand market reach for a brick and mortar business may include delivering a recommendation for online presence, and as part of the scope of work, development of a web portal.

In our environment and scope of services e-commerce readiness represents the capabilities required by a traditional business to present itself -and successfully- operate on a global online marketplace.  Elements to assess include those enabling the e-commerce transaction: on-line portals, order processing IT systems, billing, inventory, and customer relationship management services.  Readiness also extends to all functional areas responsible to deliver  the product or service: supply chain, production, logistics and distribution, inventory and warehousing, and field force -when applicable- among others.

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In addition to our business services we do joint business engagements in partnership with clients.  In these scenarios we leverage our capabilities and expertise to execute a business opportunity presented by a client.  We also initiate and execute these ventures organically.