About Us

Our company focuses on two business verticals: Business Services and Application Development

We deliver business services to entrepreneurs, small firms, and corporations.  Our core competencies are in business management, supply chain, marketing, and transition from brick and mortar to e-commerce model.  Our team is based out of Keller, Texas and has ample local and international experience managing and assisting small businesses and corporations.

Our team also delivers application development in support of our brick and mortar to e-commerce transition services, and also to deliver Kellerworx-owned web applications.  Our development team is located overseas and is managed from our Keller offices.


Our Skills

Our expertise covers the following areas:

Business plan development for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing businesses.  Financial analysis and modelling, feasibility studies, sensitivity analysis.  Marketing analysis and strategy.

E-commerce and transition from brick and mortar to e-commerce.  Online presence and social channel selection.  Application design and development.

Supply chain assessment and risk analysis.  Supplier evaluation, selection of key process indicators.  Productivity analysis.  Make-buy analysis.  Local to low-cost sourcing analysis.  Supplier diversity and supplier development.

Business Plan 98
Financial Modelling 95
Marketing Analysis 96
E-commerce Readiness 95
Supply Chain Assessment 99


Our Recent Work