Business opportunity assessment, business case evaluation including financial analysis and modelling.   Business plan and value proposition structuring.

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Supply chain assessment, risk analysis and competitive assessment, business plan evaluation, including financial analysis and modelling.

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E-commerce readiness, business over social media opportunity assessment.  Brick and mortar to e-commerce transition and online presence development.

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A different world, a hyper-connected world…

Is your business ready?


Is your business prepared to approach hundreds or thousands of potential new customers, service them rapidly, and with world-class quality?



How comfortable are you with your methods and processes? do you have adequate process indicators in place and mechanisms to measure, monitor, and control variability? Are your processes in control?


Is your core team integrated and aligned with your business objectives? are you leveraging external resources and remaining lean and agile?



When was the last time that you defined your market and evaluated trends in your industry? Is your business positioning still adequate to be found and understood by your customers?